Ukraine is located in the middle of the ranking of standard of living among the 128 countries of the world

Compared with the year 2016 a little worsened indicators of “personal safety” and “tolerance”


Ukraine took the 64th place in the standard of living among the 128 countries of the world, entering the group of countries with social development above average. About it reports UNIAN with reference to the results of the annual survey “Index of social development” in 2017, developed by the American non-governmental organization Social Progress Imperative, with the support of Deloitte.

As evidenced by the results of a study of post-Soviet countries continue to show low levels of all indicators and a significant regression in the areas of “access to higher education”, “tolerance” and “quality of environment”.

The authors of the document note that all the indicators of social development of Ukraine remained mainly at the level of last year, but there is a slight improvement of the position on access to information and communication, freedom of choice and personal freedom, and access to higher education. At the same time, a little worsened indicators of “personal safety” and “tolerance”.

The highest scores, as in the past year, Ukraine has received on the position of “nutrition and basic medical care” (98,47 100) and “access to basic education” (97,52). The lowest rates – the positions of “tolerance” (of 40.52) and “environmental quality” (of 50.37).

Leader in standard of living was Denmark, next in the ranking followed by the Scandinavian countries, then Canada, Netherlands, Australia, England and Germany.