KIEV. September 1. UNN. In the first half of 2018, the import of goods from EU countries amounted to 10768,9 million dollars. and increased by 12.4% (1191,4 million dollars). It is reported by UNN , citing data from the State statistics service.

In total volume of foreign trade transactions, the share of EU countries accounted for imports by 41.5 per cent (in the first half of 2017 respectively of 39.8% and 42.3%).

The biggest volume of import of goods from the EU were mechanical and electrical machinery and 22.3% of total imports, products of the chemical or allied industries – 19,2%, mineral products – of 11.0%, products of agriculture and food industry – 10,7%, means of ground transport, aircrafts, floating equipment and 9.9%.

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Most imports among EU countries were Germany – 26.4 per cent of the total import to the EU, Poland – 15,9%, Italy – 8,2%, France 6.9% and Hungary was 5.4%, Czech Republic – 4.3% and the UK with 3.8%.

Against the I half of 2017 the volume of imports of goods among the major countries-partners has increased from Czech Republic 32.7%, Italy – by 30.4%, Hungary – 13.9%, Germany – 8.6%, Poland 8.3% and the UK 5.2%.

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