Journalists of the Ukrainian TV decided to respond to Russian propagandists and have created a true masterpiece that conquered the Internet.

After publishing the video with the journalist of “channel 5”
Yanina Sokolovskaya social networks rushed to mock the Russians, whose fake
about “banning” the Russian language was published yesterday.

Published the video starts with a nice Intro
fragment with a Russian talk show, where one of the guests in the Studio
tells how in Kharkov city residents supposedly can not speak Russian and
to contact the sellers shop in the Russian language, as eyewitnesses will write
a denunciation.

However, the response of the Ukrainian journalist was a real
a masterpiece and impress users incredible level of irony.

“I love it when Putin’s propaganda poke
their own material for sculpting cocks” – ironically
the user who published the video.

The world is so, what is the most utter and incredible nonsense is pronounced in Russian…

I love it when Putin’s propaganda poke in their own material for sculpting cocks

— Vitauskas(@Vitauskas_A) 13 Nov 2018

Earlier Soloviev threw a tantrum live because of the “traitor” of Hetman Mazepa.

We will remind, fluent Markov “intimidate” Ukraine religious war broadcast propaganda television.

Also on “Russia 1” declared its readiness to inflict a powerful retaliatory strike at the enemies of the US and Britain.