Ukraine has made progress in negotiations with Britain on trade after Brexit

KIEV. 20 Dec. UNN. Ukraine and the United Kingdom has moved from the consultation to stage of technological and legislative meetings in the matter of trade between countries for a transitional period after Brexit. This was said at the final press conference of the first Vice Prime Minister – Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv, reports the correspondent of UNN.

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“Britain and Ukraine on consultation passed to the appropriate process, technical and legislative meetings regarding transition. Today we understand that in the field of international trade to introduce the institution of trade representatives of foreign diplomatic agencies, Institute a sales representative. As a tool of representation of economic interests is very important,” he said.

Additionally, in October, Ukraine and the UK were in the process of informal consultations on trade relations after Brexit.

Earlier, Kubiv said that the liberalization of trade with Britain should not be lower than the limits of the AA with the EU.