UNIAN has collected everything you need to know about one of the most important festive dates in the spring.
Today I congratulate the Ukrainian women on March 8 / UNIAN

Today many countries celebrate international women’s day. In Ukraine, this festival is traditionally very popular and still remains a holiday, despite the de-communization.

UNIAN has collected everything you need to know about one of the most important festive dates in the spring.

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History March 8

Women’s day originated in the early twentieth century as a form of solidarity of women in the struggle for equal rights with men. It is known that the demonstration for women’s rights were held regularly in the West at least since 1908.

In 1910, the German social Democrat Clara Zetkin proposed to establish international women’s day that women could hold rallies and marches.

In 1914, women’s day on 8 March was marked in eight countries: the US, Britain, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and the Russian Empire, which then included Ukraine. Since 1975, international women’s day is celebrated on March 8 at the UN level.

After the Bolshevik revolution, the Soviet government began to actively use the 8th of March in Communist propaganda. However, in Ukraine, the holiday eventually evolved and acquired a non-political context. The people began to perceive as a day of feminism and emancipation, but as a day of special attention to femininity. On March 8, men made to give women around them. The closest women give gifts.

It is noteworthy that today’s feminists often oppose modern format, 8 March, because it supposedly reinforces the gender inequality. The women’s movement today holds 8 March, marches and demonstrations.

The women’s movement today holds 8 March, marches and demonstrations / Unionpeace on March 8

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The opinions of feminists should have no effect on the Ukrainian men. Most of them in anticipation of the holiday scratching their heads over how to congratulate colleagues or friends. And more importantly – what to give to your closest women.

Earlier UNIAN gathered the best ideas for gifts on March 8, relatives and beloved women – mothers, wives, girls and even children.

So, mom can please appliances, kitchenware or useful things for needlework. Girlfriend or wife a certificate for a SPA, a gadget or a romantic dinner. Little girl or teenager with sweets or children’s cosmetics.

Happy holiday, dear women!Congratulations on March 8

Colleagues and acquaintances on 8 Martha I congratulate with flowers. A more modest option is to find a verse or greeting friends in the network, or write it yourself. Verses on March 8 will also be happy moms, girl and wives.

Earlier UNIAN offered several options congratulations on March 8 in verse and prose – for colleagues, girlfriends, wives and mothers.

We offer several poems-greetings with 8th of March.

Cute women, kind, loyal!

With the new spring you with drops first!

Peaceful sky, the radiant sun,

Happiness cherished, very clean!

Many in you affection, warmth, kindness, –

Let your dreams fulfilled


You today we congratulate

With International women’s day,

His poems You dedicate,

Newspaper articles placed

Love songs and sing.

From all my heart You wish

Let Your life be bright,

Let be strewn with roses

Your life path till the end.

We wish truth, happiness, kindness

The amazingness and dream come true

We wish you light, we wish stars

We wish you laughter and happy tears.


Roam where the flowers

Today there are a lot of places.

Congratulations lovely ladies

In bright Day — Spring beginning!

The fresh scent of flowers

Let the life with you.

What would the world of beautiful dreams

Was like the best reward.

What would the love had always been,

Only fortunately given.

A dream with a name

And fortune that she loved.

Cards on March 8

By using postcards it is possible to congratulate on March 8 as acquaintances, friends, and loved ones, beloveds. You can buy or make yourself, and you can find many ready-made options on the Internet.