Cough syrup Pektolvan C (photo – video screenshot)

The state service for medicines and drug control has banned the sale, storage and use of cough syrup Pektolvan C, which produces Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmak. The corresponding decree of February 13, 2018 published on the website of the SSMU.

According to the document, banned sale, storage and use of this syrup 100 ml in bottles No. 1 with a dosing spoon series 270817, 280817, 290817, 300817, 310817, 321017.

It is noted that the decision was made on the basis of information from Pharmaco on “non-compliance with the requirements of methods of quality control, the registration certificate №UA/10675/01/01 of the drug in terms of “Description”.

Civil service refers to the business entities involved in the implementation, storage and use of drugs, to check if they have the syrup, remove it from circulation and returned to the supplier or manufacturer.

The Agency also requires that business entities in the future not to buy, not to sell and not to use this drug.

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Later in the press service of Pharmaco explained that in December of 2017, the pharmaceutical company withdrew from the market six series of Pektolvan C due to minor deviations in the index of “Description”, what promptly notify the Republic and all distributors.

“The drug Pektolvan C is a registered medicine, in accordance with the applicable registry of medicinal products, approved for medical use in Ukraine”, – noted in the company.

In January 2018, the law enforcers blocked the production and sale of fake medical oxygen.

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