He said that NATO should increase its capabilities in the black sea region.
Hodges also urged Germany to provide for the defense of more money / photo UNIAN

The former commander of the US army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that over the next ten years it could start a war with China.

This he warned on 12 March in Prague at the conference on security dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the accession of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland into NATO, writes “Yevropravda”, referring to Česke Noviny.

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“I hope I’m wrong, but there is such a path, and when I listen to what China is doing, when listening to what they say the Chinese Communist leaders know that there really may be a conflict,” said Hodges.

According to Hodges, the U.S. “needs allies from Europe, Canada and Australia, and NATO should demonstrate their power to Russia.”

He also called on Germany to provide for the defense more, because the country is a very important link to the Alliance. Lieutenant-General of the United States stressed that terrorism endangers the lives of many people, but the allies should also address potential threats from Russia and China.

Hodges said NATO should increase its capabilities in the black sea region. “This is an area where Russia provides the largest and most powerful aggression. If the West won’t do anything with the annexation of Crimea, it is possible that Odessa will be the next city to be occupied, and possibly also Romania,” – said Lieutenant General.

Hodges previously said that Germany has leverage on Moscow, which have no other countries to “move” the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements.