Igor Shevadzutsky. Photo: fbu.org.ua

The first in the new season, the traditional is the 62nd in a row, the international tournament of the highest category, dedicated to the memory of Istvan Bocskai, which ended in the Hungarian Debrecen, Ukrainian boxers won two medals. And both were gold.

The first award of the precious metal brought the national team of Ukraine 22-year-old Timur white guy from Krivoy Rog. Speaking in the category up to 64 kg, champion of Ukraine-2015, and bronze medalist of the country-2017 in its opening match in the Hungarian ring prematurely defeated local boxer Nicola Sharkia.

After that, Timur in the semifinal bout by split decision took precedence over Italian Francesco Josiah. And finally, in the final Whitey convincingly outboxed Czech Petr Novak, sending it in one of the rounds down.

A second gold in the team won 27-year-old heavyweight Igor Shevadzutsky of the Dnieper. Two-time and reigning champion of Ukraine in the first fight was surely won on points in the Romanian Daniel Burch, who in the third round had to resort to prohibited methods and for that he was disqualified. Well, then Shevadzutsky, the unanimous verdict of the arbitrators defeating the Hungarian Karoly berki and Kazakh Airoldi Aureole, climbed to the highest step of the podium.

In the team medal standings first place in Hungary (2 gold, 2 silver, 6 bronze), the second – Russia (2+1+1), the third – Belarus (2+1+0) and the fourth – Ukraine (2+0+0). And behind teams of 19 countries.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

DEBRECEN (Hungary). International tournament of the highest category of memory Bocskai. Up to 52 kg. 1/4 finals. Goral (Czech Republic) – M. CHULACHEEB (Ukraine) – 4:1 (30:27, 29:28, 28:29, 30:27, 30:27).

Up to 60 kg. 1/4 finals. Stepanov (Russia) – MALANIUK (Ukraine) – 4:1 (29:28, 29:28, 29:28, 29:28, 28:29).

Up to 64 kg. 1/4 finals. WHITEY (Ukraine) – Sharkia (Hungary) – RSC R2. 1/2 final. WHITEY – Josiah (Italy) – 4:1 (28:29, 30:27, 30:27, 30:25, 30:25). Finale. WHITEY – Novak (Czech Republic) – 5:0 (30:25, 30:27, 30:25, 30:24, 30:27).

Up to 69 kg. 1/4 finals. VDAC (Hungary) – PETROV (Ukraine) is 3:2.

Up to 91 kg. 1/4 finals. Pratioci (Croatia) LISOVOY (Ukraine) is 4:1.

Over 91 kg. 1/4 finals. SHEVADZUTSKY (Ukraine) – grumble (Romania) – DSQ R3. 1/2 final. SHEVADZUTSKY – berki (Hungary) – 5:0 (30:27, 29:28, 30:27, 30:27, 30:27). Finale. SHEVADZUTSKY – Aureole (Kazakhstan) – 5:0 (29:28, 29:28, 29:27, 30:27, 30:27).