Fighter of the Turkish army’s F-16 Fighting Falcon entered
in Syrian airspace and attacked a missile of class “air –
air” in the village of Sarmin in Idlib Syrian
bomber “su-22”.

It is reported by telegram-channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”.

According to reports, the bomber used
missile maneuvers and managed to avoid defeat.

Eyewitnesses were able to record the time of the collision
the air: military observer was shown two pictures of immediately after

Earlier, Turkey had managed to shoot down 2 Syrian
bomber “su-24”, were also destroyed Syrian aircraft L-39. In addition,
the drones destroy the air defenses are Russian-made

When journalists pointed out that the su-22
is the Russian bomber that was released in the middle of 70-ies
and was widely exported, the Soviet Union exported to various “hot spots” of the world. The plane is still in service
the Syrian army.

Video of attack on Syrian SU-22 HERE

We previously wrote about the losses of Russia and the Assad regime in Syria since the aggravation of the Russian-Turkish conflict and the beginning of operation “Spring Board”. Only in manpower Assad’s troops and their “allies” in recent days, lost more than 2 thousand people.

It was also reported that along with su-24, Assad forces have lost the installation C-300, which the Turkish armed forces routed in response to the destruction of his combat UAVs the CAA.