Pro-Turkish forces are very successfully moving forward in the Syrian Idlib. The counterattack began at the new site in the valley of Sahl-El-Gab and the foothills of the Jabal al-Zawiya, located at the North of the province. This was announced by Russian Telegram-channel “Fisherman” citing local sources.

According to the resource, asadovtsy already lost control over the three settlements: Gammacom, Sukuma and Kafr Uvedom.

It is noteworthy that at the Jabal al-Zawiya Russian aircraft attacked a Turkish convoy on 27 February, killing 36 servicemen. The incident escalated to the limit the conflict in Syria.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the deterioration in Syria began when the Syrian Arab army (SAA) Bashar al-Assad, with the support of the Russian Federation went on the offensive in Idlib. About 4 million civilians rushed to Turkey to seek refuge from the Russian bombings.

The wave of refugees has forced Ankara to intervene in the conflict. The Turkish authorities introduced in Idlib large number of troops and weapons, not to allow Assad to move on. In parallel, Ankara has supported the Pro-Turkish militia, which went to the offensive. However, a fatal blow to the aviation of the Russian Federation on a Turkish military has forced Ankara to commit to combat.

We wrote that Erdogan publicly appealed to Putin: “I Want a military base? Then get out of my way”.

It was also reported that Turkey used the tactics in Idlib the armed forces from Donbass: released footage of a massive attack T-122 Sakarya.