The situation around the military conflict between Armenia and
Azerbaijan continues to deteriorate today in the Turkish airspace near the border with Armenia seen
Turkish reconnaissance drone allegedly Bayraktar TB2.

This was announced by Telegram-channel “Military analyst”.

Turkey is one of the main allies
And Azerbaijan has already stated about the readiness to provide military and political
support of official Baku in the unfolding conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Today appeared information about that soon
Azerbaijan will be delivered to the Turkish drones. About the negotiations became
you know at the end of June, today shipping information has been confirmed.

The type of drones and their number officially
not called.

At the same time, news agencies reported that the Russian
wereley of the 102nd base of the Russian armed forces in Gyumri patrolling the Turkish-Armenian border in the background
of Ankara’s statements on the full, in particular, and military support of Azerbaijan in
the conflict with Armenia.

Video publishes Telegram-channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”.

Prior to this, on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border by Armenia attempted attack with artillery.

On the background of the fighting was known that Ankara will stand against any encroachments on the rights and lands of Azerbaijan.

Mark Voroshilov