KIEV. August 16. UNN. The US President Donald trump has withdrawn access to classified information by the former Director of the Central intelligence Agency John Brennan, accusing the chief adviser of President Barack Obama’s counter-terrorism (2009-2013) that he, taking advantage of access to classified information, “sow chaos” around the property trump. It is reported by UNN with reference to Reuters.

Trump’s decision was read out by his press Secretary Sarah Sanders at the daily briefing for the press. She noted that the President took such a step to prevent leakage of secret data. “Such access is especially inappropriate when officials leave the top positions and seek to use classified information for political attacks,” she said, noting that historically the head of the former heads of the CIA have access to secret information to advise his successor if necessary. According to Sanders, trump drew attention to the fact that Brennan used the access to classified information for performances with unconfirmed accusations on television and in online media about the current administration. According to him, thereby Brennan contributed to enemies of the United States, the purpose of which is to wreak havoc around the White house.

In a statement, the US President also said he is studying the security clearances in several of the former officials in order to revoke them too. Among them are former CIA Director Michael Hayden, former head of the FBI, James Comey, former aide to Obama’s national security Susan rice, the former head of National intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former attorney General Sally Yates.

John Brennan headed the Department in March 2013. Prior to that, he was chief adviser to President Barack Obama on combating terrorism. Brennan left office January 20, 2017 — inauguration day trump. After retirement he has testified as an expert on TV channels NBC and MSNBC. Since then, they repeatedly engage in discussion and correspondence exchanged serious accusations. Brennan, in particular, are regularly criticized trump in his Twitter. He checked in the social network in December 2017 and in almost every tweet says the words or tweets trump. Thus, in his latest tweet, Brennan wrote: “it’s Amazing how often you fail to meet the minimum standards of decency, courtesy and particular. It seems that you will never understand what it means to be President, or that you need to be a good, decent and honest man. So painful, so dangerous for our nation.”

Commenting on the results of the summit of the trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Brennan called the behavior of the White house at a press conference “imbecility”. The ex-head of the CIA actually accused trump of treason and said that the summit in Helsinki the head of the White house was under the control of the President of Russia. Immediately thereafter, Senator Rand Paul accused Brennan in “monetization of criticism of trump” and suggested the White house to deprive ex-spy access to classified information.