The US President Donald trump on Thursday confirmed that Washington would withdraw from the Treaty on open skies (DON)

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The U.S. officials also told the AP that the main cause of withdrawal from the Treaty was a violation by Russia

U. S. Air Force photo by Charles Haymond J. / DVIDS

The US President Donald trump on Thursday confirmed that Washington would withdraw from the Treaty on open skies (DON). While interacting with reporters at the White house trump also said that he had “good relations” with Russia, but Moscow is not fulfilling its obligations under this agreement.

In the same context, the American leader has indicated that “there is a very high chance that we will sign the new agreement”. In his opinion, Russia “itself will come and Express desire to conclude a deal”, reports “Interfax”.

He added that in the future can consider as the return on certain conditions to the implementation of the open skies Treaty and the preparation of a fundamentally new agreement.

“There is a good chance to create a new agreement or to do something that will allow us to return to the original agreement,” he said in Washington.

Trump said that “as long as they (Russia. – Approx. “Interfax”) will not perform their obligations, we will be out of contract.”

Earlier Thursday, the New York Times reported, citing sources, that Washington intends to notify on Friday Moscow about the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. In turn, the Associated Press has noted the administration’s trump has notified foreign partners about this step.

The U.S. officials also told the AP that the main cause of withdrawal from the Treaty was a violation on the part of Russia. According to interlocutors of Agency, the Russian side has restricted flights over Moscow, Chechnya, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also complicated the conduct of observation flights over the Kaliningrad.

Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in 2017, said that Moscow has counter-claim to the Washington agreement, but did not specify what they are. In 2015, the Ministry criticized the United States for failure in carrying out flights over the island territories of the country, periderm.

The open skies Treaty (The Treaty on Open Skies) was signed on 24 March 1992 in Helsinki by representatives of 23 member States of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Russia ratified the Treaty on 26 may 2001. Now its participants are 34 States. They can make the flights of the other’s territory to monitor military activities. This allowed to conduct photo and video.

The contract is indefinite. Any state party has the right to withdraw from it. Wishing to withdraw notifies you of its decision no later than six months prior to the date of his alleged release. Depositaries (Canada and Hungary) shall promptly inform all other States parties of such notice.

In the case that a state party shall notify about the decision to withdraw from the Treaty, the Depository not earlier than 30 days and no later than 60 days after receipt of such notice, convene a conference of States parties to consider the consequences.

Russia is preparing a “plan B” in case of US withdrawal from the Treaty

Russia has a “plan B” in case of possible withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty on open skies. About TASS said the Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Ermakov.

According to him, States “it had long been positioning itself as a reliable partner” and, on this basis, Russia will need to plan your steps.

As stated by Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, the US withdrawal from the agreement would hit the military security system in Europe, “which is already weakened,” and will damage the interests of the allies of the United States.

The diplomat stressed that Moscow rejects any attempt to justify a way out of this contract by the existence of technical problems, so as to solve any problem of this kind is possible with political will. “If the agreement to go, then there are no solutions to technical issues will not be the tool itself, which for now more than 20 years he served the interests of maintaining peace and security in Europe,” Grushko said.

According to him, any violations of the terms of the agreement with Russia. In addition, according to him, Moscow has its own serious claims for the implementation of the Washington Treaty provisions. However, such issues should be addressed by a special Committee, he concluded.