The near future will be marked by mobility and modularity, it is believed in Toyota. Movable available in different parts of the world will become any object – from a restaurant and Museum to the dental office and part of the factory section. They will move on the basis of universal transport capsules e-Palette: one of the chassis and an endless assortment of mountable modules on it.

Capsule e-Palette will become a fully automatic system with electric propulsion and an open interface. Partners Toyota will receive a set of tools and the flexibility to adapt the chassis to suit your needs – both technically and organizationally. At CES in Las Vegas has already shown a concept with dimensions of 4.8×2×2.25 m in the future is planned to operate three versions with a length of 4 to 7 m.

Toyota see the future not as a world of different cars, and the complex networks with the capsules. Analog Internet of things, where you by means of the application program a certain number of individual capsules to work according to a given algorithm to their advantage. While they all operate in the same real space according to the General rules that simplify the interaction of objects e-Palette between them and minimizes the risks.

The car manufacturers do not hide that the focus is not on individuals, but on large network structures: Amazon, Uber, Pizza Hut, Chinese DiDi. Those who need an impressive and varied fleet of vehicles with appropriate maintenance, insurance, leasing, utilization, etc. Users gradually push to move from personal property to rental General and order specific services.

Source — Toyota