KHARKOV-KIEV. March 6. UNN. Today, the Kiev district court of Kharkiv will be held the next trial on the case of an accident that occurred in the city on 18 October last year and claimed the lives of 6 people, reports UNN.

The last time his testimony was given six victims: victims who are still in treatment or rehabilitation, and relatives of those killed in the accident.

At the same meeting, the court needs to listen to other victims, namely the relatives of Natalie Umaibou, Alexander Evteev, Diane Berchenko. Also must testify and Oksana Evteeva, who in an accident lost her husband and a sister, and she was left disabled.

We will remind that Elena Zaitseva intramineral the same article “Violation of traffic rules, entailed death of several persons”.

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If guilty drivers will prove, to them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

In addition, almost all the victims in the attitude of drivers have filed civil lawsuits, which require Zaitseva and Dronova compensation size from 100 thousand to 1 million.

We will remind, in the evening of 18 October 2017 in Kharkov at the intersection of streets Sumy and lane Mechnikov Lexus RX running 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva collided with a car Volkswagen Touareg. The collision with five pedestrians ranging in age from 19 to 46 years died on the spot, another victim – 24-year-old Diana, Berchenko later died in hospital from traumatic shock on the background of the extremely severe traumatic brain injury who developed swelling of the brain. In addition, injuries of varying severity were five people.