The headquarters of the candidate I assure that politicians of the old school will never act against the system that feeds them.
The headquarters of the candidate proposed moving the state to a smartphone / photo by UNIAN

The team of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky presented to the voters programme for the fight against corruption, which intends to govern if elected showman for the highest office in the country.

“We stress that in this field to reinvent the wheel is not necessary. It was well known what to do. Political will has never been. Mistake to hope that a thoroughly corrupt state system will have the desire to deprive yourself of food base. For old politicians, the corruption is also what water is to fish. The old political elite against corruption — this, too, as bees against honey”, – stated in the Telegram channel staff.

It is noted that the anti-corruption system assumes complete independence of all structures, the abolition of parliamentary immunity, ensuring fair and equitable officiating with the assistance of international Higher economic court.

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From Zelensky emphasize the importance of changing the functions of power structures, the decriminalization of the economy, tougher penalties for corrupt officials and raiders.

The headquarters of the candidate proposed moving the state of the smartphone to the maximum number of services, including for business, can be obtained in electronic form. Also focuses on the need to establish a reward for exposing corruption.

“To initiate an appeal to the Western law enforcement authorities with a request to initiate anti-corruption investigations against Ukrainian corrupt officials, who established the Ukrainian anti – corruption authorities”, – stated in the message.