French minesweeper will stay in the city until March 26.
In Odessa, the ship will stay until March 26 Dussasana to Odessa there arrived the ship of naval forces of France Capricorne.

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As UNIAN correspondent, NATO ships – French minesweeper M653 Capricorne – in the morning moored at the berth №16 of the marine station of the port of Odessa.

Visit of the ship is carried out in the framework of cooperation in the naval sphere, and safety at sea.

In Odessa, the ship will stay until March 26.

The crew Capricorne – 49 employees (5 officers).

Capricorne is equipped with two self-propelled underwater vehicles for the search and destruction of mines PAP-104 Мод4 and Bofors Double Eagle MK2.

On Board are also installed artillery armament 20 mm cannon Giat 20F2 and 3 machine guns.

The crew Capricorne – 49 Duma

The ship has radar and sonar system DUBM-21B.