Venezuela is going through difficult economic times. Photo: Pixabay

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During the charity campaign aimed at collecting donations in the cryptocurrency amounting to $1 million Venezuelans, the number of beneficiaries has reached 60 thousand people, and the amount collected was $272 thousand, according to

As stated by one of the organizers Steve Hanke (Hanke Steve) in an interview with National Public Radio, as part of a campaign called Airdrop Venezuela used the existing infrastructure of the blockchain and the electronic wallet created by the Mexican startup AirTM and connected to the banking system. According to the report, released in the fall of 2018, in addition to token AirUSD denominated in US dollars e-wallet also supports nine cryptocurrency.

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Professor Hanke told NPR that the campaign aims to 100 thousand Venezuelans who passed the verification, was registered to receive donations in the amount of $1 million Thanks to 60 thousand beneficiaries collected $272 thousand since the launch of the campaign in the fall of 2018.

Hanke said that the intention AirDrop Venezuela “purely humanitarian and non-political motivation. We just want to help people and provide them with purchasing power”.

Recall the vault of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the authorities have taken 8 tons of gold for subsequent sale abroad.