KIEV. March 29. UNN. Apple’s CEO Tim cook believes his company has never allowed such a leakage of users ‘ personal data, which took place on the social network Facebook. It is reported by UNN with reference to MSNBC.

Cook asked a question about how would he act if it were now, the Mark Zuckerberg — the head of the social network Facebook. The Internet platform was at the center of a scandal after the New York Times reported that the British firm Cambridge Analytica managed to collect the personal data of more than 50 million users of Facebook with the aim of developing algorithms for analyzing political preferences of voters.

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“I wouldn’t be in this situation,” said cook. The businessman assured that Apple has the protection of your personal data is of particular importance. Cook said that Apple is “already” adheres to this approach. “It started a few weeks ago, when we suddenly noticed that something is happening,” he said.

Cook recalled that the company had made the decision to never collect your personal information for the purpose of using them for commercial purposes. As he said, if Apple treated customers “as a commodity” that could “make a lot of money.” “We decided that we weren’t going to do that,” stated the entrepreneur.

In this context, we should remember that American technician and special agent, former CIA and NSA USA Edward Snowden revealed information about the PRISM programme, which includes mass surveillance of conversations of Americans and foreigners telephone and the Internet. According to him, PRISM allows the Agency to access emails, listen to voice messages and video chats, see photos, videos, track files, to find out more from social networks. The PRISM program involved Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Gmail), Yahoo! Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple and Paltalk.

Tracking system allows to keep data on telephone calls into a single schema of information from public, commercial and other sources, as well as insurance IDs, Bank codes, Facebook profiles, passenger lists, transport lists of polling stations and the like. Thus are formed the metadata entity. From the beginning it was assumed that the system will use against citizens of foreign States. However, under the program of gathering information was to ordinary Americans.

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We will remind, the British company Cambridge analytical Analytica interfered in the elections process around the world, resorting to bribes and spread negative information about candidates on the Internet. Previously, the newspaper The New York Times reported that the British firm was able to collect the personal data of more than 50 million users of Facebook to develop an algorithm for analysis of political preferences of voters. As told by former employees of the company that created the algorithm facilitates the users mailing political advertising to potentially affect their voices. Facebook blocked the work of the analytical company Cambridge Analytica and its associated consulting firm Strategic Communication Laboratories. The company was engaged in data analysis in social networks and collaborated in particular with the headquarters of Donald trump during the presidential election campaign in the United States in 2016.