Police checks information.
In Odessa, a 5-grader was in intensive care due to bullying / of the Odessa police began checking the information on acts of bullying against a fifth-grader at school No. 107.

As reported the UNIAN in Department of communications Department of National police in the Odessa region, in Portofrankovsky police asked the mother of 12-year-old girl reported that her child received in school from unknown injuries.

Also, the Complainant was asked to take measures to the administration of the institution, which, in its opinion, similar made.

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“Child on the same day hospitalized. According to doctors, no damage on the body was found. The prevention of juvenile workers interviewed headmaster, teachers and pupils of the class where studying the girl” – said in the Chapter. Now set up a special Commission consisting of law enforcement officers, teachers and parents of students of this school to jointly study the situation and make a decision.

“The circumstances of the incident are established”, – added in Department of communications.

Information about the incident at school No. 107 had disclosed his witnesses. In particular, in social networks, it was reported that the March 14 incident occurred at the specified school, located in the center of Odessa – on the street of Leo Tolstoy, 30. The Director of the institution Elena Huseynov.

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“I want to alert you to a shocking case in gym class. The girl, the pupil 5-A classes, Potaturkina Sofia Alekseevna was struck by the ball in the back of the head by the boys in her class. About unintentional to say it is impossible, as these attacks were consistent”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that after that, the child lost consciousness, was taken by ambulance to the resuscitation of one of city hospitals.

Focuses on what the victim’s mother had previously appealed to the class teacher with a request to pay attention to situations of conflict between children and to take measures for their elimination.

“The girl has repeatedly called names, humiliated, mocked, insulted – exerted psychological pressure… This was a blatant case in this class of repeated… Two days ago there was a boy hospitalized with concussion of the brain, informed the other boy had a broken leg,” – say the authors.

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The victim, according to eyewitnesses, as a result of strikes in a coma, consciousness came late in the evening.

According to others, the girl allegedly had an epileptic seizure.

According to the mother of one of the students, the conflict began with the beginning of the school year after the merger of the two classes.

She notes that “the tone” a few people in the class a noise, “a mess, teachers are not heard.”

“The parents of our class more questions to the Director, since have repeatedly appealed to her for help both parents and teachers wrote reports. The Director promised that they will call parents severe children to talk, put on duty on the third floor. But no action had been taken,” – say the parents.

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As noted by the Director of education and science of Odessa city Council Elena buynevich, now employees of the Department together with the police arrived at the school.

“We will understand and will take action,” said buynevich.

As reported in the mayor’s office, the girl’s mother wrote a statement in which it objected to the doctors commented on the state of health of her child. Journalists, she said that her daughter is in stable condition, but shocked. The woman also said that in the first place shall be guilty not of children, and school management.

As UNIAN reported earlier, recently, the network appeared the video, which in Kiev, girls brutally beaten a schoolgirl.