At least three dozen people, hiding their faces under balaclavas, attacked the team of Anatoly Gritsenko, the leader of the party “Civic position”. According to preliminary data, the aim of the aunts was the failure of air policy at the local radio station.

In Odessa on the evening of 28 November, a group of three dozen unknowns with covered faces attacked the leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko, who had just come to the office radio, where was to be the guest evening Prime. About it reports “Диалог.UA”.

As it became known, between group of support of the policy and the unknown had a fight, which got to Gritsenko. Information about the incident was published by the journalists of the radio SHARK is there and was the leader of “Civic position”. They posted footage of the incident. In all likelihood, they were taken by the surveillance cameras at the entrance to the office.

According to the edition “Duma”, the attack began with the fact that unknown persons threw Gritsenko and his assistants eggs, also in their side threw the pumpkin, and then the fight started.

It is also reported that the incident managed to stop the patrol and no one was seriously hurt. One of the parties used during the conflict gas cartridges.