The meeting of France and Denmark for the 2018 world Cup and have not pleased the fans with goals. Photo: Reuters


The current world Cup – the fourteenth since finals is almost fully translated all over the former Soviet space. Fans of long standing (those who are in the company of England-1966 graduated from the fifth or sixth grade) will agree with me to call the subsequent period – the “Open era”. By analogy with tennis.

It is clear that for each generation there favorite teams and the most brilliant players seen on the screen. The author of these lines would risk to name just three of the championship, with no particular nostalgia, which in its own way. Along with the “window to the world” 52-year-old will add the 2006 world Cup and 2010 world Cup.

…The first substantial essential summer-1966 Soviet team, which reliably played Dynamo Kiev Jozsef Szabo, Leonid Ostrovsky, Victor Silversmiths and driven by the debutant Valery Porkujan (a class could be useful Viktor Bannikov Andrey Biba), took the highest place to fourth. The key word is “most” refers to the speeches before and after, including the true-false successors.

Let me remind you that I was beaten Italy (fachetti, Mazzola, Albertosi), Hungary (Museum, albert, Farkas, Ben), and “junction” for the third prize with Portugal (offhand – Eusebio, Baptista, Augusto, Cleaver) looked a weak event at London’s famous Wembley.

Alas, after four years with a very capable ensemble of the USSR national team ridiculous “hit” to the Uruguayans. Although focused on the attack Anatoliy Byshovets, Vladimir Muntyan and Vitaly Khmelnitsky to that unfortunate episode in overtime of the quarterfinal is not exactly involved.

I still remember the huge disappointment in the range of “young and old”. We comforted ourselves in the fantastic Brazilians, led by Mario were Zagalo. Believe me, next to pelé, Rivelino, Tostão, Jairzinho and Clodoaldo today’s Pets Titus “not impressive”.

The tournaments in 1974 (with the powerful Germans) and “the Argentine” in 1978 would have fallen from-for absence of the Union delegation. 1982 and 1986 saddened by the early departure and in the first case, even and odd coaching triumvirate Beeskow – Lobanovsky – Akhalkatsi. Plus, a famous judge “gifts”.

Nothing came out in 1990. Soon the Republic of the sisters dispersed. Ukraine legally could break in 1998 and 2002, but the playoffs are not glued. As, incidentally, on the way in 2014.

Thus, the outlet number two is Germany-2006, where Oleg Blokhin led the blue-and-yellow crew with the first place in the group and spent the first eight. Yes, in 2010 we again was not, although Greece hardly looked stronger in the playoffs.

Why celebrate the games in South Africa as an outlet number three? And cool 120-minute gold match Spain – Netherlands, and in anticipation of Euro-2012 in Ukrainian cities.

The world Cup 2018? Absolutely by. Of course, the second half performed by the Belgians with Japan – it is something. But the most typical report of our colleague Mikhail Goncharov to a goalless draw Denmark – France. The title “the Most boring match of” dare to cut the first word – apply to half of the meetings…

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