In Moscow, a sixteen year old student zhulebinskiy school No. 1359 D. G. came to class with a knife, threatening to kill teachers and to commit suicide.

Thursday, December 6,
one of the Moscow schools there was an emergency. High school brought with it a cold
weapons. The student is closed in one of the classrooms and did not allow anyone to enter,
threatening to kill himself, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to the “League news Russia”.

School psychologist
told that D. is on his account, moreover, always been introverted and
without friends, however, attacks of aggression for him not to notice.

In connection with the incident from the school evacuated children in primary school, part of the building, where he closed the cause of the incident,

Came to the school mother
The city, which tried to enter to son, but he did not let her. It
told that D. was suffering severe headaches and will probably decide
to capture a school for pills.

the grandfather of the guy who also rushed to the scene. According to
information Telegram-channel Mash, it helped militiamen to detain

The high school is
says that came to school with a blade to clean it from unwanted people
on the orders of voices in his head.

Earlier in Kerch happened
the tragedy, the culprit was a College student Vladislav Roslyakov. Guy
shot of students and blew up the school.

Also in one of
Kharkov school student during the break did the shooting.

We will remind, in a Network
there is a video where the teacher attacked the student and beat him up.