Video “This video is just awful”: the Network commented on the landing of the plane during a hurricane

The German pilot has been called “a legend”


Social networks are actively discussing the footage with a masterly landing at Dusseldorf airport during a hurricane “friedericke”.

In the review of the Navigator called “legend” and noted his “incredible skills”.

“The highest skill of piloting hurricane winds with gusts to 110 kilometres per hour. The airline Eurowings, EN route from Bologna, landed in extreme conditions and never even went to the second round”, — is spoken in the video description.

Among the comments: “hats off in front of the pilot”; “Good job. I hope it will reward”; “well, Well, one of this video, my knees buckled and my palms are sweaty”; “Hell no! I had a chance to get into turbulence, but this… This video is just awful”.