British Columbia, Crankworx festival, the premiere of the new offspring of the company Structure Cycleworks Ltd. from Alberta. The model of the Bicycle SCW 1 no race telescopic fork suspension and replaced by a Central lever. Innovation is just as controversial as it is ambitious, and not the fact that it will get recognition.

Disadvantages of telescopic bike suspension well studied – at active maneuvering they experience great friction and ill adapted to the bending loads. It is difficult to simultaneously serve as a structural element of the machine, and to perform the function of the shock absorber, if we are talking about hard drive. The result is an unfortunate sense of “betrayal” in the most crucial moment.

Suspension linkage, according to the authors of the SCW model 1, all of these shortcomings makes the benefits, plus 40% optimizes the braking system. To do this, all nodes are subject to dynamic overload, additionally equipped with bearings with a low coefficient of friction. In addition, SCW 1 rear shock absorber is configured to compensate for errors in the work of the front suspension – not all riders, it may seem convenient at the first attempt.

A good decision or not, can make anyone, in the presence of $7000 for the kit parts, assemble and configure who will have their own. Or pay $13 000 for a fully equipped bike that will weigh about 13.6 kg, despite carbon frame. On sale SCW 1 will go in the next year.

Source — Structure Cycleworks