In the journal Scientific Reports, a description of the new device, which reduces the volume of the sounds passing through the open window. It can be installed in two-pane sliding Windows, and it will reduce the volume of the external noise by 10 decibels.

The device consists of 24 small speakers (each 4.5 cm in diameter) assembled in a lattice pattern, and one external sensor. When the sensor detects noise outside the window, the speakers emit a “corrosion control and antinoise” on the same frequency but with inverted sound waves. Thus, external corrosion control and antinoise dampens sound and reduces acoustic pollution that enters the room.

In numerous tests, the developers recorded the fact of reducing the volume passing through the open window the sounds by 10 DB. In the experiments we used acoustic waves with a frequency above 300 Hz, which corresponds to the noise of road traffic and passing trains. The authors hope that their device will hit the market and will be able to actively reduce the level of sound pollution in big cities.

Source — Scientific Reports