Police are investigating the death of a child under article premeditated murder marked “a natural death”.In the Kharkiv region from the flu has died 9-the summer girl at Kharkov 1 Dec dead sick with the flu 9-year-old girl.

As UNIAN correspondent, about this today at the briefing said Deputy head of Kharkiv regional state administration Mikhail Chernyak.

According to Cherniak, the girl was on the account in city children’s clinical hospital №19. She was ill, according to available information, on November 27-28.

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“She was viewed by the house as a pediatrician who works in this hospital. Was treated at home. On 1 December the child’s condition deteriorated, was caused by a brigade of emergency medical aid have arrived into place in 10 minutes. The girl was taken to regional clinical hospital No. 1. She was, unfortunately, in a state of clinical death, therefore all resuscitation events that were made did not help. At 13:50 was ascertained biological death,” said Chernyak.

He stressed that the forensic examination revealed that the dead girl is a strain of influenza A (H3N2). In accordance with the order of Ministry of health, biological material for virological tests taken in the center of the flu in Kiev.

“All the circumstances we find out what happened and how. Was advice, there was a certain treatment. Professionals know what caused the deterioration of the health of the child,” he said.

The representative of the Department of communication of the police in Kharkiv region, told journalists that the investigator of the Shevchenkivsky police Department opened on this fact criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 of the criminal code (premeditated murder marked “a natural death”).

As stated in the story TSN about a week my parents tried to treat her at home, alone. When I finally went to doctors, it was too late: the child died in the ambulance.

Informed about the girl’s death from influenza in Kharkov, reported local media.