According to the calculations of astronomers, large celestial body will fly past Earth at a speed of 5.37 km/s.

It will happen at 01:58 UTC at 23:58 Kyiv time on March 22. In 2019 it will be a flyby of the largest asteroid, its name ЕА9. Conspiracy theorists do not rule out that after the flyby of the asteroid on the Earth may come to an end, which they say is the second month in a row, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“A newly discovered dangerous asteroid, designated EA9, will sweep near the Ground on removal 0.80 distance to the moon/0,00204 astronomical units (305179 km / 189629 miles)”, – told the astronomers.

A large celestial body, the search engines have discovered to critical approaches the Earth, and it happens very rarely. It happened on March 9 during an astronomical survey in the Conservatory of mount Lemmon.

The experts of this asteroid ranked as atonal, presumably, EA9 diameter from 17 to 37 m (55,7-121,3 ft).

Recall that the scientists said earlier that the world could end not because of Nibiru, but because of the terrible asteroid.

We will add, earlier scientists alarmed approaching the Earth a dead comet.