International day of sleep, appeared in 2008.
This year world sleep day is celebrated on 15 March

The world sleep day is a holiday, which was introduced by the International Committee of sleep day is an International Association of sleep medicine March 14, 2008.

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It was unanimously decided to celebrate this holiday annually on the third Friday of March, So this holiday is a floating date. Every year the activities in the framework of the day dedicated to a specific topic.

When the world sleep day 2019:

This year world sleep day falls on Friday, March 15.

How to celebrate the Day of the dream:

Sleep, as it should! If the morning does not, in this day, to go to bed early, and let this holiday be an occasion to reflect about yourself and your health.

The more important sleep is:

Sleep – a special form of existence of the body, is not less challenging than daytime wakefulness. During flowing properly sleep the body restores the energy spent on daily activity, “gives herself up”. That is why a healthy person wakes up with the feeling of freshness and vitality.

Congratulations on the Day of the dream:

A man without a dream life is not possible,

If not a long sleep, get sick even,

Heartily congratulate you with the world Day of sleep

Let the soul and heart will always be spring,

And let to star you dreams, magic, sweet,

Like a cloud of light as your life bright!


Magical, wonderful, interesting holiday —

The day we celebrate all over the world.

And, as an adult, little monkey

Nights dream different, colored!

We sleep for rest it is very important

And therefore I wish all of you now

In such a celebration to remember on your pillow,

And in the realm of sleep to feel good relaxation!

Day dream pictures:
The world sleep day was introduced in 2008 Wikipedia
Sleep – a special form of existence of the body Public Domain Pictures