The murder of Denis Boronenkov in Kiev / photo UNIAN

Let’s start with the Central theme of this week’s shooting in the center of Kiev escaped from Putin’s Russia, former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov. Fugitive ex-MP was one of witnesses on business eks-the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and on this day, accompanied by guards, went to a meeting with another Russian politemigranta, ex-Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev (known fact that he was the only Deputy who voted against the annexation of Crimea in 2014). After the meeting, according to the attorney General Lutsenko, the victim was to testify before the military Prosecutor’s office.

The killer shot Boronenkov on the corner of the Boulevard Shevchenko and Pushkin streets, near the entrance to one of the most expensive hotels of the capital – “Premier-Palace”. However, the hide did not, as accompanying the victim guard, despite the fact that he got shot in the stomach, managed to open fire on the fleeing killer and seriously wounded him. Both were taken to hospital, and the killer took under heavy guard. However, all hopes to interrogate him crumbled to dust, because the wounds were too heavy (one – through head) -he died on the operating table. However, according to doctors from the killer, even if he survived, the good would not be due to critical brain damage.

Not manage to cool down the body Boronenkov, as the responsibility for his murder, the Ukrainian authorities laid predictable for the Kremlin. According to Lutsenko, it was usual for the Kremlin exemplary punishment of the witness, and Poroshenko saw it all “an act of state terrorism by Russia”. Our President didn’t stop and went further, expressing confidence that the murder Boronenkov and sabotage in ammunition depots in balakliia in a single day – is not accidental.

How predictable for such events to react in Ukraine, as predictable in the Kremlin include the fool, blaming the incident on “mode-killer” who will do anything to “anybody never found out the truth” of what happened in Kiev. At the same time, simultaneously, because of the curb don’t forget to pop version about the evil Ukrainian nationalists who hate everything Russian. Russia’s chief press Secretary Peskov at all surprised, hypocritically saying that “it is not our topic, what to comment on.” Then we can finally get confused what is their topic and what is not. Just remember the murder of Elder, certainly not Russia who had no direct relationship, when, on the occasion of his death, Putin personally lit “crying Yaroslavna”. And then the killer revealing, in broad daylight, kills the ex-Deputy of the state Duma – and clap – not their issue.

Here, by the way, revealing one moment the day of the murder Boronenkov Putin is going to play “the Last victim”. Sinister is such a coincidence, which, perhaps, would be surprised Kiselyov (and it is precisely in my lifetime coincidences’ve seen a lot).

By the way, about the killer. At the moment it is known for its name – Paul Parsow. He was a citizen of Ukraine, and in the time of the assassination he had the certificate of the participant of hostilities, issued by the National guard. Was discharged in August 2016. Was wanted for committing crimes under art 205 and 209 of the criminal code of Ukraine (fictitious entrepreneurship and legalization of income obtained by criminal means).


According to the Advisor Avakov, people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, in his life Parsow never officially traveled outside of Ukraine, except for one case, when in February 2015 I walked through one of the checkpoints on the border with Belarus. At this Gerashchenko claims that Parsow was an agent of the Russian intelligence services: “In Russia, where he stayed before getting to Ukraine, he passed a course of special training school for saboteurs, created during Stalin’s NKVD”. After that, the future killer infiltrated the ranks of the national guard under and “pretending to ordinary soldiers,” all this time waiting for the “command to act from Moscow.”

What can I say, I don’t know. I understand, of course, othersince has long professed the principle of “chatter – no bags to roll”, but all these details, without any evidence and no explanation where it all it took, look, often, fantastic.

Anyway, this story is very unpleasant for a lot of our government and intelligence services of the questions that sooner or later will have to answer. Why the man, whom security officials called “one of the key witnesses,” was not enough protection, while our MPs go with the herds of bodyguards? How could the wanted person easily join the ranks of the national guard and get a crust of UBD? How could he, being wanted, quietly cross the border with Belarus? And there are many such issues. I hope that someday we will hear the answers.

Another topic which is watched with interest readers, was the scandal that unfolded around the participation in the Eurovision song contest singer from Russia Yulia Samoilova. Or rather – the lack of participation.

Russia refused from the remote speech Samoilova /

This story dragged on since those times when Moscow decided to put Ukraine in a very awkward position from which there were only two choices – bad and worse, announcing the decision to send to the song contest held in Kiev, the singer with disabilities.

The fact that in 2015 the shooting violated the Ukrainian law, as performed in the occupied Crimea, where he moved in with violation of Ukraine’s order. And now Ukraine is in the splits. On the one hand, it seems somehow wrong to prohibit the entry of a disabled person, who must act in a non-political, in General, contest – Eurovision. On the other – the entry permit would be a bad precedent and show that Ukraine itself does not observe its own laws regarding occupied Crimea. Apparently, in this situation, the Ukrainian government chose the lesser evil, and through the SBU banned Samoilova entry to the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years.

The European broadcasting Union, the organizer of the Eurovision, predictable, savelio his “deep disappointment” Ukrainian solution, as it contradicts the “spirit of competition”, and promised to continue the dialogue.

In Russia, as expected, turned the whole storm of indignation, like, how it is, Ukraine would dare to deny entry to our performer. Pains there as we could. The Russian foreign Ministry burst into a tearful statement “a cynical and inhumane decision,” the Federation Council has threatened to boycott the Eurovision song contest, and in retaliation suggested not to let the national team of Ukraine on football on the world championship-2018.

In order to hush up the scandal, frustrated by the Eurovision organizers invited the Russian side to organize live broadcasting of performances by singer Yulia Samoilova for display on the contest, but in response, Russia said proudly that remotely they will not act and Samoilov to change also do not intend to.

In General, all goes to the fact that this year the Eurovision song contest in Kiev will be without Russian participation. Maybe it’s for the best. And then, if something happens to Samoilova in Ukraine, Crick would have been all over the world.

Another event, which was attended and, at this point, continue to follow our readers, became a major fire with explosions on one of the largest in Ukraine warehouses with ammunition which is in Balakleya in Kharkiv region.

The fire happened at night on March 23. According to preliminary information, the victims among soldiers and the civilian population was not, and almost 20 thousand inhabitants Blakley and nearby settlements were evacuated.

According to Groisman, the fire covered about 50% of the territory of the military Arsenal. And the prognosis was not encouraging: the fire will last up to 7 days. In this regard, “UkSATSE” closed the sky for flying within a radius of 40 kilometres, in nearby villages disconnected the gas supply, the traffic on the railway station balakliia also suspended.

Explosions at an ammunition depot in Balakleya
Photo courtesy of SES

Explosions at an ammunition depot in Balakleya

The chief military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios has said that the fire in military warehouses in Balakleya in Kharkiv region has occurred because of sabotage. SBU promptly brought the case under the same article reported that already found witnesses who heard over the warehouses hum of the drone, after which there was a fire and explosions began.

The national security Council do not have to be ashamed of, and expressly stated that the explosions in Kharkiv region a “Russian trace”. And only to evening of the first day of the incident the security forces recovered a little and, to order, announced that it was considering another version – negligence.

Given the conditions in which we have these warehouses and how they are protected, than in Ukraine write for years, I would still recommend to our brave investigators of the security service and the military Prosecutor’s office not goofing off, putting the blame on saboteurs from the North, and a closer look to the second version.

Against this background, our readers missed a blatant statement of the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, who does not know what to do with their garbage. Complaining of regional councils which, as one abandoned his “fragrant gift”, it is suggested to turn to the garbage dump such a unique natural object, as the Chernobyl zone.

Of course, we all understand that unpleasant story of the blocking of export in Lviv debris is partly related to the political conflict along the line of Garden Poroshenko, but to solve due to the Chernobyl zone their problems with the Central authorities as something bad.

I really hope that his idea will not be supported, and the Chernobyl zone, which, due to the long absence of man, has become a Paradise for animals, will be a public reserve. In the future, subject to the availability in Ukraine of adequate power, he will be able to turn into an analogue of any American national Park that generates millions of dollars thanks to the presence of this untouched nature, the touching of which in the modern world are willing to pay big money.

Not much has thrilled readers and apocalyptic warnings of meteorologists who predicted in 2017, due to global warming, the coming of extreme weather events that affect the entire planet. And I understand them. We some extreme weather phenomena, when we here every day, if you don’t shoot someone, blow up the warehouses. In a pinch, raise, once again, utility rates. Us some weather phenomena are not easy to take.

Finally, I will tell you one more funny news. This week it became known that the famous person-random word generator and just the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, as well as all other Ukrainians, loves to laugh over your reservations. His favorite own mistakes turned out to be stories “on the backswing, which lie in the Cabinet” and “the need to prepare the ground”. In General, it is so imbued with his embarrassment, announced in a short time the book of his own sayings. I look forward to!

Good luck and good news!

Nikolai Kondratenko, the chief editor of the UNIAN projects