“Good morning! Today 11 may 2020, and it’s Monday,” says the American surrealist David Lynch in a new video posted on YouTube (his hair is majestic as ever). “Here in Los Angeles, a little overcast in the morning fog.” “The air temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit, about 17 Celsius,” he adds. “But soon all will pass, the Sun will Shine, the temperature rises to 70 degrees. Have a good day!”, he continues, followed by a slightly awkward pause.

For those who missed the last 40 the history of cinema, David Lynch is a creative driving force behind such films as “Mulholland Drive”, “Blue velvet”, “lost Highway” and “twin Peaks” – films that you probably are still trying to understand. Show appallingly banal and mundane – that is the concept that lies at the basis of creativity Lynch.

If the situation in the frame looks familiar, don’t worry: it’s not a dream. It is, indeed, the place where Lynch had already recorded their strange weather reports for more than 10 years ago.

Now it is impossible to say whether this forecast is a one-time or Lynch intends to resurrect the format. Whatever the reason for his return, Lynch is a welcome addition to the online community where the discussion of what is meant by his films, do not cease for decades.

Source TNW