The Washington Post: the attack on the Embassy of Korea in Madrid made the North Korean regime opponents

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The attack on the Embassy of Korea in Madrid, was committed to the little-known group that proclaims its goal as regime change in Pyongyang. With this statement, as transfers TASS, spoke Friday in its electronic version of the newspaper The Washington Post.

Recall, March 1, the Spanish police announced that is investigating the incident, which occurred on February 22 at the Embassy of Korea in Madrid. In this case the Pyrenees, the guards did not provide any additional information.

Citing unnamed “people familiar with the planning and implementation of the mission,” The Washington Post writes that the breaking force of the DPRK Embassy in Madrid were there for over an hour. They tied up staff, kidnapped, in particular, computers and mobile phones. “The attackers also have taken during the RAID, the video, which can at any time make public”, – says the publication , citing one of its unnamed sources. Diconix the attackers fled on two Embassy cars, which are subsequently dumped on the street.

Responsibility for the RAID on the diplomatic mission of North Korea in the Spanish capital are the responsibility of the organization calling itself “Civil defense Chollima” (Cheollima Civil Defense), also known as “Free the Joseon dynasty” (Joseon Free).

According to the newspaper information group in the implementation of this operation on 22 February – a few days before the meeting of the President of the United States Donald trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN in Hanoi – not coordinated with any state. “For security purposes, the leader of the group does not disclose his name. Who he is, only known to a small circle of people”, – says the publication.

The Washington Post notes that the U.S. intelligence services, apparently almost went to carry out such a daring operation against the DPRK on the eve of U.S.-North Korea summit. Evidence of the involvement of the American side to the incident, of course, could “derail” the second personal meeting with Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN, says the newspaper.

“Penetration into the Embassy of North Korea a few days before the nuclear summit would put all that at risk, the CIA would not matter”, – the newspaper said a senior researcher at the Washington-based Center for strategic and international studies sue Mi Terry, which in 2001-2008 worked as one of the senior CIA analysts in charge of Korean issues.

Note, the mythical winged horse of Chollima used by North Korean propaganda as a symbol of progress and movement forward. His name is the local equivalent of the Stakhanov movement in the USSR. The word was called Choson Korean state that existed from 1392 to 1897.

Spanish media wrote about possible involvement in the attack on the Embassy of Korea in Madrid of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), according to TASS. In the CIA at the request of the correspondent of the Russian Agency to comment on such publication, have not answered. No comment left this request also in the press service of the White house and the US state Department.

Earlier, Spanish newspaper El Models claimed that on February 22 a group of men broke into the Embassy of Korea in Madrid and kept his team tied them for more than four hours.

Unknown stole computers, a few people were slightly injured. The criminals fled. According to the newspaper, the attack can be involved about ten men who have had owolosenie weapons. One of the hostages managed to escape from the building of the diplomatic mission, and she reported the incident to the police.

According to the newspaper El Pais, militiamen do not exclude that the incident might be related to “political espionage”.

The grouping “Free Chosun” had taken responsibility for the act of vandalism committed in the night from 10 to 11 March in the capital of Malaysia. Then the unknown drew a building of Embassy of the DPRK, depicting on it including slogans calling for “freedom of Korea.”