For hundreds of years to protect the fields from attacks of birds, people have used scarecrows, primitive stuffed with old rags. Today, most birds are simply not responsive, and the size of farmland became much more. And then to help farmers unexpectedly came modern laser technology.

As reported by a popular online publication ZDNet, on one of the farms of Oregon was recently installed laser scared. The owner of the farm Mr. Meduri reported that as a result of the raids of the Robins and starlings every year he loses a quarter of the crop for the sum about 100 thousand dollars. To protect themselves from uninvited guests Meduri installed around the perimeter of his farm six plants Agrilaser.

Agrilaser powered by solar panels. Each laser shot is perceived by the birds as the approach of a predator, they panic and fly away. To avoid unintended laser “attacks” the crews coming in to land (or taking off) aircraft, the developers specifically limited to the “affected area” of the installation to a safe level.