American robots developed by Sarcos Robotics company announced that the Command of US special operations – USSOCOM entered into a contract for the supply of polnocennyh robotic exoskeletons “Guardian XO” by which special forces soldiers can carry up to 90 kg of cargo.

The deal is a clear testimony of the recognition of the company in the field of robotic technology. Earlier this month Sarcos Robotics announced a partnership with the U.S. Navy to evaluate the potential use of exoskeletons in the shipyards.

Such systems are becoming more popular. So, many of the leading American automakers are already considering the possibility of using a simple exoskeletons on the factory floor and the Management on control over products and medicines of the USA has certified the exoskeletons of the lower body for use by disabled persons.

In a February press release from Sarcos Robotics presented the characteristics of a “Guardian XO”, which combines “the reliability of the forklift and softness to the touch”. It can be used in any places – in factories, mines and construction sites. Built-in batteries provide 8-hour working online.

Source The Robot Report