The United States condemned China for the national security bill to Hong Kong

KIEV. May 23. UNN. The United States condemned China for its unilateral imposition of the Hong Kong new law on national security in the autonomy. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, reports UNN citing “Radio Liberty”.

Pompeo added that the actions of Beijing can affect the assessment of the status of Hong Kong from Washington and the territory may lose its special trading privileges.

On the eve of the national security bill of autonomy was included in the agenda of the national people’s Congress representatives. The annual session opened on 22 may in Beijing. According to Pompeo, this step is contrary to the legislation of the region and does not take into account the opinion of residents. Washington has urged Beijing to reconsider its decision.

Reuters writes that a new law on national security may be the reason for creation in Hong Kong of the bases of special services of mainland China. This may lead to new anti-government protests.

About what Hong Kong urgently needs to adopt its own law on national security to deter acts of violence and separatism, Chinese authorities said in April. Beijing believes that the protests in the summer of last year dealt a blow to the rule of law in the region. In the realm of national security, the Chinese government also took the fight against the epidemic COVID-19.

About deep concern about the initiative of the Chinese authorities also said the UK, Australia and Canada.

Last summer prophecise the leadership of Hong Kong has decided to adopt a law on the extradition of suspects in crimes on mainland China. This caused mass protests. They were accompanied by clashes with police.

After the mass demonstrations, the authorities withdrew the bill, but protesters continued to take to the streets and demand more independence from China and the release of all detained activists.

In the beginning of 2020 against the background of the pandemic coronavirus and introduced restrictive measures, the protests stopped. However, observers note that the summer campaign may resume with renewed vigor.