Leonid and Tatyana Tap

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The Federal court in the Eastern district of North Carolina dismissed the petition of the wife of the former Deputy Director of “Voentorg” Tatiana Tap for the return of her seized property in Raleigh, Bank accounts, currency, and two vehicles of the brand Mercedes, reports TASS.

Tatiana TAF, who along with her husband, Leonid Tatom, is accused of bribery, money laundering and immigration moshennichestva can get back jewelry totaling more than one hundred thousand dollars, if you can prove that they are not related to alleged acts says in documents posted Friday in the electronic database of the court.

“For the reasons given in the records, the court denied the defendant’s motion to lift the arrest of the property located at 7610 new Market way, Raleigh, North Carolina], from Bank accounts and cash in foreign currency, and also with Mercedes S550V 2014 release and Mercedes S560V 2018 release”, – it is specified in court materials.

The documents lists an impressive collection of jewelry, including the prestigious wristwatches, rings, chains, confiscated the couple tap the American authorities. The most expensive item are women’s wrist watch by Chopard from the Happy Sport collection, estimated at 24 thousand dollars.

Leonid Taifu prescribed to 4 April 2019 to present to the court reasons that, from his point of view, does not allow you to return the jewellery to his wife. She has until April 11 to respond to the arguments of the spouse.

“If nothing is present, then jewelry you should immediately return the defendant Tatiana TAF”, – decided the district judge Louise Flanagan.
The Prosecutor’s office also was charged with Leonid Teifu the attempt at assassination of the man he considered his wife’s lover. Tatiana of Tafe allowed to go free before trial because “her life will be in danger in the case of her husband at liberty.”

Wife Teif appeared in court in Raleigh (North Carolina) in December 2018. Them and three more persons charged with conspiracy of money laundering, complicity in the violation of the immigration laws of the United States, including by attempting to obtain a residence permit by providing false data.

The indictment, in particular, refers to acts committed between 2010 and 2012, when “Leonid Teyf was Deputy Director of “Voentorg”, the company, which is under contract with the Ministry of defense of Russia provides the Russian armed forces goods and services”.

According to the American authorities, the Russian partners have developed the criminal scheme of extortion subcontractors for a certain percentage of public funds received for the execution of the contract. In less than two years the total amount of cash amassed by the accused in this way, exceeded $ 150 million, said the Prosecutor’s office, according to which part of the money was placed in the accounts of Tata in Russia and then in the accounts in the United States.

In Tapu if convicted could face 20 years in prison, his wife, to a maximum of 10 years.