The U.S. Senate has supported for the post of head of the CIA candidate Gina has Haspel, which is accused of brutal torturePhoto: The OSS Society

54 senators out of 100 voted “Yes”

18.05.18 103100

In the United States members of Congress voted for Gina was Haspel for the post of Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), reports “Interfax”.

According to the results of the vote, 54 senators out of 100 voted “for” candidacy was Haspel “against” – 45.

Before the final vote in the upper house of Congress, Haspel also passed a procedural vote, gaining 54 votes in favour and 44 against, ensuring, thus, itself the approval of the head of the CIA.

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On 16 may, the select Committee on intelligence United States Senate approved the nomination was Haspel to head the CIA. In the vote on the nomination of 10 members of the Committee supported it, five voted against it.

Recall, Gina has Hespel that on a post of the head of the CIA recommended to the President of the United States, Donald trump, criticized for using severe torture against suspects in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Have haspel was the chief of secret US base in Thailand, where she worked undercover. There had been in detention for two terrorism suspects who were subjected to torture – water-fencing technique which simulated drowning.

She recently told the Congress that will be strongly against the resumption of this program.