The U.S. justice Department to publish the report of Muller’s entirely impossible due to sensitive data

Justice Department / Twitter

A report on the results of the investigation attempts of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 in the United States, prepared by spectaculorum Robert Muller, contains sensitive information about them formed a jury. For this reason, the materials of the investigation cannot be published in full, said the press Secretary of the U.S. Department of justice Kerry Kupec.

According to her, on each page of the report, Mueller has a note stating that it “may contain information protected by the law” on confidential information related to the jury. “For this reason, it may not be published [as a whole],” said the spokesman. Her words leads TASS.

“Given the extraordinary public interest in this matter, [the Minister of justice and] the attorney General [William Barr] decided without delay to publish the key findings of the report and its conclusions – not trying to summarize the report, on the understanding that the report itself will be published after [completion] of the editing process”, – said Kupec. Barr previously stated, she said that the report could not be submitted piecemeal.

“The Ministry of justice continues to work with spectaculorum over the appropriate wording of the report to present it to Congress and the public”, – concluded the spokesman.

Barr March 24, sent to the leadership of the relevant committees of the Senate and house of representatives of Congress, the main conclusions of the investigation Muller about Russian interference in the presidential election. Spectracolor recognized that to find evidence of collusion between the electoral headquarters of the American President Donald trump and the Russian authorities failed. But the fact of Moscow’s interference in the political election processes in the United States was confirmed.

The head of the Ministry of justice expressed its intention to send the edited text of the report to legislators by mid-April because of the need to suppress data on individuals mentioned in the investigation of Muller, but for which there were no charges.