The terrorist attack in New Zelandiae, video the tracks of Breivik. As “dumb white guy” staged a mass attack in the history of New ZealandPhoto: the guardian

28-year-old shooter believes himself to be an eco-fascist, respects trump was born in Australia and called to kill Angela Merkel. He wrote a Manifesto, and led the stream of execution in social networks. Focus has collected all details of the shooting in Christchurch

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The attack occurred in the new Zealand city of Christchurch in southern New Zealand, about 13:45 local time (03:45 Kiev time) . The shooter, later identified as Brenton Tarrant, entered the mosque with weapons and began methodically shoot the parishioners gathered for evening prayer.

He was shooting stream live from the camera on the helmet. Now the video is removed but its fragments remained in the Network. From the video it is evident that Brenton had a good guided in the mosque, checked every room. Shooting praying he would come back and the wounded.

In the video, Brenton shoot people in the mosque, and later changes the weapon, returned and wounded. On the way to the car he hurts a woman on the sidewalk, she asks for help, but he shoots her in the head, sits, and rides at the following url — it it enters in the Navigator. Along the way several times shoots through the window at someone not visible. But it stops at the crosswalk to miss the two girls. Survivors of the shooting say that the shooting lasted no more than 15 minutes. Some of them managed to escape and hide in the Parking lot with cars, some hiding behind the fence of a neighboring house.

“I looked outside when the shots stopped, and saw a guy, he was wounded in the arm, saw the woman lying on the road, I noticed a man who changed weapons and started shooting again,” — said one of the witnesses.

In the mosque of al-Nur, the main mosque of Christchurch killed 41 people, seven more were shot dead in a Masjid nearby. One of the wounded later died in hospital. Only hospitals and 48 wounded.

Nearly 50 Muslims…..women children included….slaughtered in masjids…..the terrorists are white, Christian terrorists…#newzealandterrorattack

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamanHamid) March 15, 2019

Translation: about 50 Muslims… women, children… killed in the mosque… a white terrorist, a terrorist is a Christian.

After the shooting of Brenton sat in the car and fled the scene.

To attack the shooter from Christchurch prepared thoroughly. Apparently, he had originally planned, what will happen to stream, so I thought through all the details: music in the car on the way to the mosques (played anti-Islamic anthem of the times of the Balkan war) and painted quotations and dates stores for weapons and the rifle. In particular, they mentioned Alexander Bissonet shot at the mosque Quebec in 2018, and even the battle of Cahul (the Russo-Turkish war 1770). Brenton noted the important people and important dates that became “the key to the formation of European civilization.”

Did not forget a bulletproof vest just in case if someone will be a weapon, and he would resist, and manifest on 73 pages. There Brenton explained his ideas, the biography of idols. Notable: he admired Breivik’s trump, but not as a politician but as a “symbol of change”, welcomed Brakcet. Described himself modestly: “generic White guy. 28 years”.

He also called eco-fascists. This is one of the far right groups that are characterized by a craving for the occult and the worship of nature.

By shooting in Christchurch, according to him, tempted him death Abby Okerlund: 11-year-old girl who died in Stockholm in 2017 in the attack and defeat of the far-right marine Le Pen in the elections in France in the same year.

Die Brenton had not planned, on the contrary, he wants to stand in court and ready to go to jail. Such a chance would present. Police arrested him after a chase, tomorrow will be the judgment.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern called the massacre in the mosques the terrorist act. She also reported that the New Zealand police defused several improvised bombs discovered after the attack. Two bombs were at the tram stop.

Arrested three alleged associates of Tarrant, two men and a woman. Who are they, and what were their motives, has not been disclosed.

Network outraged that the world’s media called Brenton shooter, not a terrorist. They say, if not “the 28-year-old white guy”, then the publication would have been filled with eloquent headings.

Translation: this guy (terrorist) killed many Muslims in mosques in New Zealand, but the world media call him a marksman, not terorrists because he is not a Muslim! The label “terrorist” only for Muslims!

Translation: if you’re a Muslim – terorristicheskuyu attack. If a Muslim is shooting… wow!

Translation: I am not a Muslim, but it is deep.

In the picture:

the shooter is a Muslim = one and a half billion Muslims responsible

shooter-black = gang provoke violence

professional shooter = national hero

white shooter = lone wolf with mental problems

For the deceased please pray. I sympathize with the relatives of the victims. With tweets in support of already mentioned virtually all of world politics, wrote words of encouragement and Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

Translation: we support the people of New Zealand after the terrible attack on a mosque in Christchurch. My thoughts are with everyone who suffered from this outrageous act of hatred and violence.

New Zealanders have supported the stars and ordinary people. Especially they were amazed that the carnage happened in a prosperous country.

Tweet from Arnold Schwarzenegger: my heart is with the victims, their families and new Zealanders, it’s a horrible act of terrorism, but know that the world supports you. I support you.

Also admire the courage of those who tried to help the wounded and to hide them from Brenton. One woman said that two men fell near her car, one tried to call my wife, she did it for him, trying to calm him down and to hold on until the ambulance came. “I’m 66 years old and didn’t think I’d make it those times when something like this happens,” — said the witness.

#ChristchurchMosqueAttack: “I’m 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this,” says an eyewitness who helped an injured man call his wife on the phone during New Zealand’s #ChristchurchShootings

— TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) March 15, 2019

By happy coincidence, the shooting of the escaped cricket team of Bangladesh. They arrived at the competition and wanted to pray in the local mosque. When I heard the shots, had run out of the building and escape.

A tweet from a member of a cricket team: you have just escaped from the shooter!!! It is horrible, pray for us

Bangladesh team escaped from a mosque near Hagley Park where there were active shooters. They ran back through Hagley Park back to the Oval.

— Mohammad Isam (@Isam84) March 15, 2019

Translation: the cricket team of Bangladesh barely got out from the mosque near Hagley Park, where was the shooter. They ran through the Park.

Although the shooter is caught, and the Prime Minister of Australia confirmed its Australian origin, the Russian media has already provided the Ukrainian trace. According to “the Australian descendants of the white emigres”, Brenton Tarrant is a “member of the same neo-Nazi organization” which supposedly consisted of two people who fought in the Donbass in the “Georgian Legion”. This information was reported in the Russian organization “Faithful Cossacks”.

It is noteworthy that the last mass execution in New Zealand took place 29 years ago, in 1990. Then the man shot 12 people at the fishing village. The country has a much lower crime rate that the police often don’t even carry a weapon.