Andriy ZAPOROZHAN (No. 15) and Anton SHENDRIK (No. 26) against MARLOS. Photo:

“SE” – that allows the team from a provincial town to demonstrate stable for four months to stay in the top three.

…Last season, when the Alexandrians combined performances in the domestic arena with the Europa League (where they failed to step away from group stage), the team championship went wrong. Because of the game on two fronts, and then the moral devastation of an important European match, against BATE Borisov, the provincial team began to lose points on the road and at home.

Over Volodymyr Sharan began to thicken the clouds. By the end of the autumn part of the season his team came up with a noticeable lag from the schedule, sitting two steps below the coveted six behind the ongoing sixth Marseille on six points. It would seem that the time for radical conclusions. But credit to the President of the Alexandrians Sergey Kuzmenko, who were not to act rashly, allowing the head coach to strengthen the team and to work in the winter on a foreign training camp.

It is reasonable to expect that in the first match of the spring “Alexandria” will start to catch up – especially since the opponent was stuck at the bottom “Steel”. But something went wrong: losing command of Kamensky which in the summer and disappeared from the football map of the country, “citizens” deprived itself, and the theoretical chance to fight for a place in the Europa League.


You can imagine how difficult that time was Vladimir Sharan, about the possible resignation which spoke with even more enthusiasm. However, this time the cold mind of the President was stronger emotions.

After the home victory over “Mariupol” he went to the locker room and said that our mission – seventh place – says the coach “Alexandria”. Tournament lag in some measure contributed to the fact that we are more responsible attitude to the matches of the second six. I personally, seeing the attitude of the players and their commitment, no doubt that we will be able to finish seventh…

Sharan was right. If counting from the ill-fated match with “Steel”, “Alexandria” has not experienced the bitterness of defeat for 12 (!) rounds in a row. More precisely, to the finish of the championship, which failed to complete on the “right” place.

This series is significant on two criteria. The first is the ability of players to unite in a difficult period, demonstrating the ability to fight for the coach and his reputation. Second, trust in leadership to be a head coach and his staff.


The impressive cut the provincial team and became the Foundation of her current success. Sharan, keeping the backbone of the speakers for many of the seasons key players (talking primarily about Vladislav Levanidov, Yuri Punitive, Anton Shendrik, Stanislav Mikitsey, Andrew Zaporozhye, Eugenia Banade, Vasily Grecale, Artem Polyarus and Vitaly Ponomarev), summer invited a team of Kirill Kovalets and a native of Alexandria, Maxim Zaderako.

Both joined the team. The son who worked in his time at Alexandria club Sergey Kovalets in the midst of autumn in General has become a lifesaver, scoring four goals. Three of them allowed citizens to fill up Luggage nine points.

What is the secret of the success of the team from a small town in Kirovohrad oblast, from the start established in the top of the table? Provincial club rests on three indispensable pillars of modern football: a good material and technical base, qualified trainer and class performers.


Since then, as the Sharan, the second time to lead this team, he strictly maintained the stability of the composition. Being skilled in card games, steering the bulls rarely shuffled “deck” of available players. Even when in season 2014/15 Alexandria won promotion to the strongest class, he did not resort to significant changes in the composition, entrusting the right to play at a new level those who deserved it.

Gaining experience from match to match and from season to season, Alexandrians, over time, acquired the reputation of thunderstorms authorities. But in the last few years with this team have to be considered, even the giants, not just losing points in games with her. A recent example is the recent home win “Alexandria” over “Dynamo” with the score 2:1.

By the way, with the same score a year ago in the midst of a prolonged winless, the bulls beat out Shakhtar…

– This is a truly historic victory, – said Sharan. – Sure we remember it for a long time!


These words the coach said in an interview with “SE” last summer, not knowing how the rest of his team this season. But at the start of the championship, winning four games in a row with a total score of 6:0, the Alexandrians made it clear: one competitive team in our League has more. Sharing first or second place with Dynamo before today’s meeting, “Alexandria” then knelt down on the step below.

The only glitch in the wards of the City fell exactly on the mid-autumn part of the championship when they lost to “Shakhtar” and “Mariupol”. However vosmiruchevoj impressive unbeaten run, which was only two draws, has allowed the bulls to gain a foothold in second place. Although the Sharan said that the task of his team getting into the top six, each understands in his heart he hoped for more.

But one thing is optimism, another realistic assessment of the situation. With significant experience of Sharan understands that even if his team manage to complete the first stage of the championship in the top three, on the second it will test much more serious. Because in addition to both clubs, “Alexandria” will have two times to meet with three strong contenders.


And yet it seems that at least a place in the Europa League nice team from Alexandria at the end of the season will win. After all, the viability of the first China – material-technical base to complain is not necessary. In the “Alexandria” financial part, though no superslave, but there is stability.

Earned the team gets time for the President matches and rewards the players.

He does not offend – recognized Sharan correspondent “SE”. – He appreciates the importance of the fight as well aware that the work of a footballer is not easy. The team is always happy when Sergey Kuzmenko comes in the locker room or sends me text messages with info about the prize amount for the game. Immediately give voice to her children – and it causes a lot of positive emotions…

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine