The Swiss were allowed to pay taxes bitcoin

Yet – only in Chiasso


Residents of the Swiss city of Chiasso in 2018 will be able to make tax payments in bitcoin , assuming that will be at least CHF 250. This writes an espresso with a link to Swissinfo.

The decision was taken by the authorities after consultations with a number of companies that develop the technology of the blockchain that are the basis of bitcoin, and plan to place their production and research capacity in the Canton of Ticino and at Chiasso in particular.

Thus, according to the mayor of Bruno Arrigoni, the only Italian-speaking Canton of Switzerland may well become, along with the Canton of Zug, the leading center of the country, and even across Europe, who are developing the technology of the blockchain.

In these technologies, the management of the Canton of Ticino sees in the medium term a promising replacement of the banking sector, which in the past played an important role as a locomotive of the local economy.