If last year the super Cup was held under the motto “Who will please mom?” (of course, Odessa-Mama), in this on posters emblazoned another intriguing inscription “Football blockbuster of your summer.”

Any passer-by, seeing it on photos of leaders of “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo” – by Andrey Yarmolenko and Darijo Srna will surely feel the desire to see another battle of two giants. But if we are talking about the fan then you do not have to guess – he would not postpone the purchase of a ticket for another day, and will rush to stock them in advance.

Judging by the fact that yesterday was sold 23 thousand ticket, prudently football fans more than those who intend to come to the booths on the day of the match.


To say that these days Odessa live football – means to say nothing. For example, it is necessary to go to the supermarket and will certainly hear advertising the upcoming match. About it citizens learn and on television and radio. And still ahead of the game in the streets of the city travels DJ-mobile, which the Odessites and guests of the city can see the trophy itself. By the way, the vehicle not only performs an aesthetic function, but also works as cashier. However, you can buy tickets only on presentation of ID. Escorted the car a long legged girl with the flags, which not only gives a certain piquancy, but also increases the risk of accidents for passing drivers-men.

Continuing a theme, it is impossible to ignore the fact that this year a few hundred of the coveted “kvitochka” has been allocated for orphans, soldiers of the ATO and the disabled. Watching the UPS and downs of rivalry between two of the best Ukrainian teams they will be free.

According to the organizers, the cheapest tickets you can buy for 90 USD. As already reported “SE”, this year’s super bowl tickets are nominal. They are sold on presentation of an identification card, one document can only buy four tickets.

– Thanks to this system, this time we have not identified a single case of dealers, – said the Premier-League President Vladimir geninson.


In the most crowded places on the seaside Boulevard in Arcadia opens promotional area, not allowing anyone to miss. Even he, who before was indifferent to football, for the sake of curiosity will definitely look “light”. In promotional areas and hosts numerous competitions and musical performances, which gather not only fans, but also tourists and vacationers who came to Odessa at the height of summer.

According to Gevinson, who arrived to South Palmyra long before the first official match of the season-2017/18, for the right to hold the super bowl fought four cities – Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov and the Dnieper, the choice fell on the Odessa, for which the match for the honorary trophy will be the seventh in a row.

– I can say honestly and frankly that we didn’t have a choice six months ago, when we started negotiations about Odessa, said at yesterday’s meeting with journalists Geninson. – We met in the town hall with such open arms that no doubt arose. Work on the preparation for the super bowl was held in full, we just had to come and do the final touches.

– Odessa – the first football city in Ukraine, – said Vladimir geninson. – We all know that football came in the then tsarist Russia through Odessa. English sailors calling at the port of Odessa, played here in a very strange, but at the same time interesting game. Our sailors caught it – and football was born in Odessa, Ukraine. In the city, which is called the pearl of the sea, a match of such rank, and the more symbolic. We try to do everything possible to fight for the super Cup is always held in Odessa.”

At the same time Vladimir Geninson drew a parallel Monte-Carlo, where he long held the match for the UEFA super Cup. There is no doubt that such a comparison was flattered by the ambitious Odessa.


The mayor Gennady Trukhanov, on whose shoulders lay the responsibility in the preparation of Odessa for such a significant sporting event, noted that over the three years the townspeople have become accustomed to the super bowl. And expressed the hope that the seaside town on the already established tradition will continue to hold matches of such rank.

– We already have experience in the interaction of all urban services and departments in preparing and holding such a big football occasion, the mayor said. – This year, the super bowl coincides with the international film festival, which is the hallmark of our city. We conduct serious events, which are organized at a high level.

At a workshop in city hall before the transport Department has set the task to change the public transport on match day. Trukhanov assured that despite the late hour, at the end of the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” viewers will be able to get home.

Of course, serious attention is paid to security during the match. To this end, the stadium “Chernomorets” and on the approaches to it will be involved over a thousand police officers and National guard, and ready instantly to suppress any attempt of violation of the order.


Meanwhile, in the arena itself are the final preparations for the match. The lawn of the stadium “Chernomorets”, which had horrific sight in late winter and early spring, thanks to the wide resonance in Ukraine has finally received proper care and attention. On the eve of the super bowl the quality of the field is not satisfactory. “The lawn in perfect condition”, – assured the Director of stadium Sergey Sivolap. In fact, the field pleases the eye with its design. I can’t believe just a few months ago, the most gentle among football people was the epithet “the garden”.

As for the participants of the match in Odessa “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo” will arrive on Friday evening. In accordance with tradition, both teams are located in two legendary hotels of the city – “Bristol” and “Londonskaya”. In the last few years they have become the “football” hotels of Odessa.

The organizers of the festival of football appealed to fans to come to the stadium early. And not only so as not to create a crush at a crossing turnstiles. The fact is that at 20:30 will start the holiday, details of which are scheming for the sake of yet kept secret. It is only known that in its course in the sports arena will be awarded prizes and awards to the winners of the season-2016/17. But in the halftime present at the stadium to cheer you up contest kissing, dancing girls, cheerleaders and a performance by popular Ukrainian rapper Yarmak.

“Shakhtar” and “Dynamo” in the competition for the super bowl will also be interested. It is connected not only with the winning of the valuable trophy, but with a substantial prize Fund.

– He will be half a million, – said the correspondent “SE” Vladimir geninson. – A million to the winner, 500 thousand losers.

– In dollars?

– While in UAH – smiling, said Geninson.

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine