At the end of last week, the FTC FFU said that Karpaty can be deprived of professional status in connection with the appeal of the Lviv club at the court of General jurisdiction in conflict with his former player Vladimir Gudyma. Columnist for “SE” found out all the details of this case.

The point is that the player played for “Karpaty” from 2009 to 2013 (mainly for the reserves, but sometimes based on where he played more than six matches for the championship, and all – 14), filed on Lviv club a complaint with the Chamber of dispute resolution of the FFU. He demanded reimbursement in the amount of 73 800 dollars.

Left Hudyma in June 2014 with a terrible scandal, accusing the then Director General of FC Karpaty Igor Dedishin in the assault. Interestingly, if the player does not need the Lviv club, would be released early in the year, he would have no money demanded. But, as claimed by its agent, compensation for breach of contract, then demanded “Karpaty”. Now reaping the benefits.

The chamber sided with the players and ordered the club to pay. This, again, was in 2014. Karpaty refused to pay (not only in the case of Gudymo), for which he was punished with deducting points (twice at three and six points in the 2014-15 season for Martin Bogatinov), and the last time before the start of the championship received a “minus 6” for semira Stilicho, although managed to avoid removal of three points for Ivan Milosevic.

And yet – “Karpaty” received a ban on registering new players in the last two summer transfer Windows (last winter window opened, allowing the Lviv announced Gustavo Blanco Leshchuk). In September, the ban was lifted, there were a few free agents, but some debts remain.

Most of those who Lviv should they somehow agree. Exception Hudyma, about which I had to go to the civil court that it is not welcomed by any of the football authorities, from FIFA and ending with the FTC FFU.


Of course, to lose the professional status of Karpaty do not want. CEO Yuriy Dyachuk-stavytskyy said that “the Carpathians” is ready to take the case away from the Frankivsk district court of Lviv, and so explained on the official website of his club:

– As you know, there are no current debts from our club there. But there is an old. Most of those whom the club have something, no problem. Let’s say we had ten problematic situations. So, we have already fully paid off, with another part of the reached compromise on the installment payments.

There were contentious issues on a much more serious amount, but we all found common ground. Someone we went to meet him, someone went to meet us. All the debts at once, we can’t return, there are certain mechanisms – and everybody understands that. More precisely, almost everything. Unfortunately, the only one who did not manage to find a common language, is Volodymyr Hudyma.

Me personally, his actions seem inadequate. Club as many times literally pulled him by the ears… I don’t want to remember those stories when he lost at the slot machines, there was a huge amount. Then he had problems with criminal businessmen. But he helped, turned a blind eye, believing that we can grow out of it, if not footballer, then at least human. Because football had not evolved.

If I am not mistaken, for three years he played fifty minutes in the first team. Unfortunately we made a mistake, but it is applied to the development effort.

– What made you to apply to a court of General jurisdiction?

– Let’s start with the fact that all the money that was spelled out in the contract Hudyma, we were returned to him. But he wanted to get a lot more just exorbitant amount, and no other cause. In fact, playing the role of a rogue or managed by people who know how to cash in on some of the characters, while being in the shadows, he demanded our money that is not earned. I emphasize this – not earned.

Of course, we were forced to defend their honor and common sense in the football authorities, but there are regularly took the decision not in our favor. If you raise official legal documents, in our case the Disciplinary rules of the FFU. Read article 29: settlement of disputes and conflicts.

1. In accordance with the Charter FFU, articles 60, 61 of the UEFA statutes and article 64 of the FIFA statutes to resolve any disputes and conflicts arising between subjects of football in the limits of the bylaws or regulatory documents of the FFU legal entities, clubs, official and officials, coaches, players ought to exhaust all domestic remedies within the norms of statutory and regulatory documents, as well as in Sports arbitration court as a last resort .

2. In the case of filing statements of claim in courts of General jurisdiction to resolve any disputes and conflicts arising between subjects of football in the limits of the bylaws or regulatory documents of the FFU without first exhausting all internal remedies within the norms of statutory and regulatory documents, as well as in Sports arbitration court, the Authority requires applicants to drop the lawsuit by filing a claim in the court of General jurisdiction, the consequence should be the closure of the proceedings by the court of General jurisdiction, and applies disciplinary sanctions according to the Disciplinary rules of the FFU.

It turns out that all the measures that exist in the system of organized football, we are exhausted (decision of the dispute resolution Chamber entered into force). In SAS in Lausanne we go can not, as had expired, so we had only to look for the truth in the last instance.

– What to do with a warning from FFU?

– After receiving the FTC’s decision, we immediately learn it and will act in the interests of the club and in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and Ukrainian legislation. I can assure our fans that the club will not allow even the slightest possibility of losing professional status.


In accordance with the FTC’s verdict, “Karpaty” were in the 30-day period to pick up the suit from the court, and the Lviv club, alarmed at the possible consequences, it seems, was willing to do it. But the process is not even gone, and ended on the 14th of February in the Unified register of judicial decisions there was a message that Frankivsk court issued a verdict in favor of the “Carpathians”.

The decision of the dispute resolution Chamber of FFU to pay the club compensation Gudym illegal. In addition, the court lifted the earlier imposed FFU Karpaty fines 72 500 hryvnia for ignoring a decision by club officials in the case Hudyma. The court took “the Carpathians” all non-monetary sanctions, granting FFU five days to appeal.

Interesting situation turns out. I don’t know whether to withdraw the case when the verdict has already been passed. And who will reimburse the legal costs? In any case, it is possible to expect another points deduction with the “Carpathians”…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine