KIEV. May 22. UNN. The state foods and consumer service needs to give explanations about the conduct of a fictitious laboratory studies to the regional departments of the Ministry in the Kharkiv region. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the MP Serhiy Trigubenko, reports UNN.

He recalled that just one day of “heavy duty” laboratory in Kharkov managed to spend more than 800 studies of water samples.

“And it provided that physical ability does not exceed 10 such studies within 24 hours. On this fact investigators are already working. This is not clever scheme, “washed” more than 2 million UAH.

More interestingly, all laboratory studies of Gospoda occur under the same scenario? Especially when we are talking about foods or the elucidation of the causes of poisonings in kindergartens, schools (for example, an unknown substance at school, Cherkasy, or a mass poisoning of schoolboys in Nikolaev from the unknown “cartridge”),” wrote Trigubenko.

The problem of “development” budget in this case becomes secondary, the people’s Deputy considers.

“First what we can just to speak the truth about the causes and pathogens, can “not see” obvious violations of the standards of quality in milk, meat, other products of unscrupulous employers,” said Trigubenko.

Responsibility for the objective study of food samples rests precisely on the work of the laboratories. Therefore, the extent of criminal fraud can be much more impressive, and the consequences – global, warned Trigubenko.

“Thanks KHATS, we became aware of one such case. However, I believe that Gospod who constantly complains about the moratorium on the monitoring itself should be the subject of a comprehensive audit”, – summed up the MP.

As written by the UNN, Kharkiv police are investigating the criminal proceedings on the fact of the fictitious laboratory for the study of regional control Gospodarevskaya.