The start of sales of iPhone X raised the value of Apple to $ 900 billion

The company’s shares increased by 5%


The market value of Apple increased to $ 900 billion. The company’s shares rose 5% after the start of sales of the new iPhone X. this writes BBC Ukraine.

In General, in the third quarter Apple sales increased by 12% to 52.6 billion dollars.

The head of the company Tim cook said he expects the continuation of the sales boom for the entire holiday period, since it now appeared on the shelves of the iPhone X.

“We expect the last quarter will provide us with a record sale,” he said

X the new iPhone went on sale on Friday, November 3.

Tim cook says that his company is moving “at full steam”, due to the recovery of sales in China, record sales through the App Store, as well as an increased demand for latest iPhone models.

In July-September this year, the company sold over 46.6 million phones, which is 3% higher than a year ago. These sales provided almost $ 30 billion – half of the income of the company.