Video On stadiums should return law enforcement officers.

The MP commented on the incident at a football match


MP Yuriy Bereza told about the altercation during the match of the Second League between “Dnepr” and “Dnepr-1”, during which he was injured.

About it reports a press-the centre of the sports club “Dnepr-1”, whose honorary President is Birch.

He stated that he watched the first half, followed by a break. It is then up to the sector where the fans of SC “Dnepr-1”, “broke some rubbish, sweeping in its path of children, kicking their feet.

“These people ripped off the last match of FC Dnipro in the Premier League against Volyn. And then they threw firecrackers and smoke bombs onto the field for the players, including the players “Dnepr”, and now it also happened. I don’t know how it’s qualified, but because of what is happening, the stadiums should be back by militiamen”, – he stressed.

According to him, football hooligans should not interfere with watching football for ordinary fans. He added that as a legislator will do anything to response to such actions was hard enough.

“Those who come not to hurt, but to fight in the stadium – they have no place in sports arenas. If you need the law, we will adopt a law that will relate to the order in the stadiums. The riots in the stadiums should not be,” concluded Birch.

Recall that the ultras “Dnipro” beat the MP Birch.