English Jamie VARDY is ill on the podium spouse Rebecca. Photo: Reuters

The spouses and girlfriends of soccer stars – most dedicated cheerleader.

Rewarded with a kiss for a good game, a consolation after a bad match.

It is no coincidence that during the 2018 world Cup to them is the attention of photographers.

Ruby MAE – love the national team of England the Case of ALLI. Photo: Reuters

Camilla, the wife of France defender Raphael VARANE. Photo: AFP

Maria ZULAY SALAWAS – girl French halfback of the Field POGBA. Photo: AFP

Eric COPERTA – Muse Antoine GRIEZMANN on the podium with mom soccer team of France. Photo: AFP

Georgina RODRIGUEZ – girlfriend of CRISTIANO RONALDO. Photo: Reuters

Daniela OSPINA (right) – the wife of Colombian James RODRIGUEZ. Photo: AFP

Isabelle, the wife of French midfielder Blaise MATUIDI. Photo: AFP

Spouse MATUIDI during the championship managed to change its image. Photo: AFP

The wife of England defender Kieran trippier of Charlotte and the son of Jacob. Photo of Alexander FEDOROV, “SE”

The wife of France goalkeeper Hugo LORIS Marina (left) and Jennifer, the wife of Olivier Giroud. Photo: Reuters

Isabel, the wife of the Brazilian Thiago SILVA. Photo: AFP

Belgian Axel WITSEL gets a kiss for a good game from a friend of Rafaella. Photo: AFP

English Jamie VARDY is ill on the podium in Russia wife Rebecca. Photo: Reuters