The spacecraft “Voyager 2” for the second time in history reached interstellar space

KIEV. 10 Dec. UNN. The spacecraft Voyager 2, launched in 1977, was released in interstellar space. This is the second time in history, when the probe has left the heliosphere, reports UNN with reference to the NASA blog.

“For the second time in history, an object made by man reached cosmic interstellar space. Now, when NASA’s Voyager 2 is at a distance of just over 18 billion km from Earth, he left the heliosphere and flying out into interstellar space,” wrote NASA.

So, now that the information sent from the probe reached the Earth, it will take about 16.5 hours. For comparison, the light moves from the Sun reaches the surface of the Earth in 8 minutes.

Note, the first probe, which was released in interstellar space, has become a “Voyager-1” in 2013.

As reported UNN, the National aerospace Agency of USA (NASA) has rescheduled the test flight of unmanned spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX from 7 to 17 January 2019.

After visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, @NASAVoyager 2 has left the Sun’s protective bubble and is now flying in the interstellar space between the stars . Learn more about this incredible mission as the encore to the Grand Tour begins : # AGU18

– NASA (@NASA) December 10, 2018