President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has signed the decree about resignation of the current government led by Sergei Rumas. The leader of the Republic held a meeting, which was attended by the speakers of both chambers of Parliament, presidential chief of staff and Secretary of the security Council. They discussed the current composition of the Cabinet and possible new candidates. However, Lukashenko stressed that the economic crisis because of the pandemic, COVID-19 to expect large-scale changes in the composition of the government of Belarus is not necessary.

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Wednesday, June 3, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has sent in resignation of the government of the Republic. In a press-service of the head of state also confirmed this information.

“The relevant presidential decree will enter into force after its official publication” — leads RIA Novosti.

As reported on the official website of the President of Belarus, Lukashenko held a meeting to discuss the proposal for the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. It was attended by Chairman of the Council of the Republic of Natalia Kochanova, Chairman of the house of representatives Vladimir Andreichenko, head of the presidential administration Igor Sergeenko and the state Secretary of the security Council Andrei Ravkov.

“I’ve already talked about this. And instructions are given, all of you have been dealing with these issues. When he heard my statement, which is always the day before the election the incumbent President had determined the government in advance to the people who voted for or against, knew, who will tackle pressing issues related to their lives, socio-economic development of our state”, — said Lukashenko.

He noted that “one should not expect a revolution” after the change of government. According to him, due to the fact that “the world has entered a period of unprecedented economic crisis” because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, major changes in the Cabinet are undesirable.

“Yes, and necessary so no. A new generation of leaders who showed himself well and worked well in the government. Why change them? They can work,” — said the head of state. — Those, who today with so much in this crisis period can not cope, they will of course need to replace and send another job,” — said the Belarusian leader.

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Lukashenka also added that in the current crisis it is necessary to act actively to minimize economic losses.

“I have already said, the global crisis is reflected in Belarus. It is good that we twisted, squirmed in this situation of pandemic halted production. If stopped, we would never have launched this production. It’s only a fairy tale could happen,” he said.


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The President of Belarus asked the participants, because they already held a number of consultations, examining new candidates to Express their point of view the General government and on specific candidates.

“At the same time want to avoid misunderstandings, recall that forming the composition of the future government, as it was thought and conceived, we started a long time ago. Probably about six months ago,” — said Lukashenko, Recalling that even then, there were new Ministers.

In late may, the President of Belarus said that a new government will be formed before the presidential elections in August. Lukashenko assured that he has to someone claims of the working activities, but “life goes on, and change must be,” but he expressed confidence that the backbone of the government will remain. In his opinion, renewal of the Cabinet due to the need to increase the trust of voters — “so that people can see with whom we work”.

“And then what?.. Elections were held, the people have voted for you… And you’re not relatives, not loved, not loved others in this government pull,” — said Lukashenko on may 25 at a meeting on urgent issues.

The government of Belarus from August 18, 2018 was headed by Sergei Rumas, who replaced Andrei Kobyakov after was not implemented key development objectives in Orsha district, Vitebsk region. The Belarusian leader then said that the new Prime Minister was involved in the formation of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) and “knows Russian”.

The election of the President of Belarus is scheduled for August 9, 2020. At the moment, in addition to Lukashenka, there are 13 action teams that will need to collect at least 100 thousand signatures to the CEC registered candidates.

Lukashenka will run for presidency of Belarus for the sixth time in a row. He has been in office since 1994. In the spring of 2019, explaining his decision to participate again in the elections, the President said he did not want accusations of cowardice and that it was said that he “escaped” in a difficult moment.