The Scots were worried about the fate of his whiskey after Brexit

The sector brings to Scotland every year 4 billion pounds of revenue


The Scottish government urged the UK to legally protect Scotch whisky after Brexit. It is reported by the ekonomichna Pravda with reference to The Independent.

The Minister of economy Scotland Keith brown has written to the British government calling for the protection of the production of Scotch whiskey.

The sector brings to Scotland every year 4 billion pounds of income, and is enshrined in the EU definition of whisky (“Scotch”) protects the sales from such products.

“Besides the fact that it is a key part of our culture and identity, the production of whiskey provides jobs for about 20,000 people,” – said the Minister.

“The United States made clear during the discussion of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, that they support the weakening of the definition of whiskey, which will open up the market for a number of products that currently do not meet this standard”, he added.

Scotland thus offers Britain to maintain the legal definition of whiskey, which applies in the EU after Brexit.

We will remind, the Executive Director of Ryanair Michael O’leary said flights between the UK and the European Union may be cancelled for months after Brexit in the case unless they are oversubscribed agreements on air transport with Europe.